About ANP Transcription

ANP Transcriptions, founded in 2003, is comprised of a large team of highly-trained, certified, U.S. based transcriptionists and translators, each of whom specializes in his or her area of expertise. We produce superior transcriptions, translations and various business solutions to both private and public sectors. All work is customized to suit each individual client’s needs and we work within your budget and time-frames. ANP Transcriptions offers the added value of amazing customer service on top of our quick turnaround and low pricing.


Our medical transcription services are often used by advisory boards for medical reports and summaries emanating from FDA approval hearings, symposiums, breakout sessions, conferences, annual events, research projects and roundtables. All of which we provide transcription and translation for. We also specialize in transcribing and translating WebEx and conferences. Clean-read and verbatim transcriptions are available.


Our legal transcription services are commonly used for depositions, motions, letter dictation, recorded phone calls, and various related legal proceedings. Each dictation is reviewed, proofread, and if necessary, corrected, to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. We work with both state and municipal police departments, Attorney General’s Offices and various courts; specializing in investigative reporting and court transcripts, as well as working with prisons, providing transcripts of inmate testimonies and witness depositions. We produce certified documents for all levels of court, as well as work with private attorneys producing similar and specialized services.

Market Research

We work with focus group facilities, market research companies and market research departments, providing verbatim transcription for various studies. We specialize on one-on-ones and will work with moderators and research methodologies to provide key word context summaries with verbatim transcripts of each respondent. We have an in-house market research specialist who can aide in this process. All dictation is accurate and confidential.


As a CCR Registrant, ANP offers transcription services for government assemblies such as Congressional hearings, Congressional budget discussions, and Senate finance meetings. We also provide transcription of speeches and provide translation services, as well. Education/Non-Profit


Our education/non-profit transcription services are available for professors and students alike to provide transcription of and not limited to, doctoral research studies, interviews, grant projects, focus groups, and translations.


We offer customizable services, not limited to, earnings calls, financial roundtables, quarterly conferences, road shows, analyst calls, product launches, corporate focus groups, and board meetings, eliminating the need for meeting minutes. We also offer notes on investigations and probes, theft/property damage reports, and summary reports. Our finance transcription services are offered for: quarterly conferences, earnings reports calls, financial roundtables, road shows, and analyst calls. We also offer notes on investigations and probes, theft/property damage reports, and summary reports.


Language services are also available. We offer text-to-text, interpretation, and audio/video dictation in any foreign language – with time codes, if needed. We also offer voice-overs and specialize in training videos for a global audience. We treat all material with professional quality care and typically sign confidentiality agreements upon initiating our work.

How We Work

Transcription Service Process

ANP Transcriptions is a certified transcription and translation services company that delivers high quality, cost-effective results in a timeframe that meets your needs. Standard Turnaround Our standard turnaround time is 6 to 10 business days from the date the audio/document arrives. Rush Turnaround Rush turnaround can be done in 1 to 2 business days from the date the audio/document arrives. We also offer same day turnaround for jobs that need to be expedited urgently. Quality Assurance We utilize a two-step process which includes both transcription/translation and editing. After the work has been typed or translated by ANP’s first team of transcriptionists, a second team will double-check the work to ensure that your results are accurate and error-free.