Certified Translators & Transcriptionists

Trust your files only to certified translators and transcriptionists. Rest assured our staff is highly experienced, trained and certified.

What does it mean to be a certified?

A certified translator and transcriptionists is one who has earned at least a bachelor’s degree, is often fluent in at least two languages, and has earned certification through an accredited venue such as the American Translators Association (ATA). Earning certification through the ATA and other organizations can be a rigorous process involving arduous exams and long waiting periods. This helps ensure the highest quality translation services and transcriptions.

Why work with only certified translators and transcriptionists?

Certified translators and transcriptionists are usually exposed to another culture’s traditions, laws, literature, and other aspects. Therefore, can fully absorb the culture and become more well-rounded global citizens. Our certified professionals not only understand the dynamics of an industry, but also are culturally aware to have documents understand for a specific target audience.

Why is being culturally important?

“Global” has become a byword in American society. Citizens are encouraged to “think globally,” educate themselves so they can contribute to a “global society,” and stay up to speed on the “global market.” America’s shift into a global society also means people are being exposed to languages other than English.