Frequently Asked Questions


Who is transcribing my audio?

ANP has a staff of veteran transcriptionists each with his/her specialty. To ensure that your company receives the highest quality document, every transcriptionist works within  his/her respective area of expertise. If you are a client that will be supplying us with a high volume of audio, ANP can create a specialized team to work specifically on audio from your company.

Do you use any voice recognition programs to transcribe audio?

No, ANP uses human ears and human fingers to type the audio. Among its other faults, voice recognition software cannot differentiate between speakers, nor can it pick up accents like our trained professionals can.

What if the quality of my audio is not very good?

ANP’s staff of transcriptionists will listen to a section three times before moving on. Our rule of thumb: If the client can hear what is being said, it will be in the transcript.

I needed my audio transcribed yesterday, can you help me?

ANP can put special rush priority on your job and complete it in 24 hours or less. If there is an Internet connection at your meeting site, you can upload the audio as the meeting is going on and we could have the first part finished before the meeting ends.

My meeting is taking place tomorrow at the Sheraton in Austin, Texas and I need the transcript back the following day. Can ANP do this for me?

Yes, ANP is capable of catering to your needs. The production department is able to complete any meeting in a 24-hour period or even same day. To speed up the process ANP accepts digital file uploads via our secure FTP server.

How do I receive my completed transcript?

ANP hosts all completed work in client-specific folders on the FTP server. Your personal directory is unique with a   username and password you or anyone at your company can use to view the finished transcript. An email is sent out when the file is ready for download. We also offer a hard copy and CD-ROM of your transcript mailed to you at just the cost of shipping.

How do I know that the product I receive from ANP is true to the content of the audio?

ANP’s transcriptionist pool has gone through rigorous testing and all of them have strong transcription backgrounds . Further, the Quality Control department reviews each document for spelling of terms and speakers and tests for accuracy tests against the audio.

Do you keep a copy of documents sent out?

If you are in need of an additional copy of your document at a later date we will continue to host it on our server for up to 120 days unless the material is very sensitive, in which case we will delete all files after the invoice has been paid.


What is a clean read? Does ANP provide a clean read service?

There was a false fire alarm during the meeting but we don’t want that dead air and the chatter of the firemen in the transcript. ANP provides something called a clean read. The main purpose being that the reader only reads material which is relevant to the topic at hand. All side conversation not pertaining to the meeting will be omitted. Also, the speakers’ word repetitions, false starts, stutters, their um’s, uh’s and um’s will all be left out.

The material in the audio is highly sensitive and many of the subjects' names need to be kept confidential. Can ANP honor this request?

ANP can tailor your document to your specific needs. If you want us to keep participant names undisclosed, we can do   that. If you need extra edits for a cleaner read, we can provide that too. Please let us know your needs and we will be happy to oblige.

I’m finding that I am spending a lot of time going over work and making changes to some of the formatting to meet my specific needs.

ANP provides a variety of different formats for your transcripts. If you aren’t pleased with the ones already in stock, then you can specify what exactly you’d like and ANP will be happy to implement the changes in future transcripts. We are also happy to follow any format guidelines you provide.


What type of audio can you work from?

ANP prefers digital files uploaded to our secure FTP site, but we have the capabilities to work from cassette, micro   cassette, CD, DVD, VHS, DAT, mini DV, digital voice recorder files, .mp3, .wav, and any other digital formatted file.

I have audio in one format and need it converted to something else. Can ANP do that for me?

Yes, ANP has the capabilities to convert audio from any format to any format. Please contact us with your specifications. We also have the abilities to splice and re-track audio files.

I have a meeting coming up that needs transcription, but I have no way of recording it. Can I still get a transcription?

ANP is currently working both with outside vendors nationwide, and internally developing its audio recording department. At this point ANP requires at least one month’s notice to prepare for a recording team to attend your meeting site is within ANP’s capabilities.


I have a document in Japanese and need it transcribed into English, can I give it to ANP?

Yes, ANP has a full translation department along with its transcription. ANP can translate any language from audio or text into English and the other way around. ANP can serve your international translation needs including, but not limited to, English, Spanish, Chinese French, Dutch, and Japanese. Please contact a sales representative to see if we can help you.

We have materials in English that we need to disseminate to our clients in six different countries. Where can we get this done?

Some people may not know that ANP Transcriptions is also a translation company. ANP can serve your international   translation needs including, but not limited to, English, Spanish, Chinese French, Dutch, and Japanese. Please contact a sales representative to see if we can help you.

I have a meeting involving some participants who do not speak English. Is there any way I can have real-time translation?

Not only does ANP have a network of translators for your foreign language documents, but we also have interpreters   who are able to work at live meetings. Please contact us with the meeting info and we can coordinate interpreters for   your meeting site.

Can ANP transcribe audio from another language into English?

We certainly can! ANP has a proven process for this type of assignment. First, a transcriptionist in the native language   transcribes the audio. Next, the foreign language document is translated into any language you need. This method allows   for accuracy and has internal checks and balances as an expert in the target language works on just their portion of the project.

How do I know that the translation I receive is accurate?

All translated documents are delivered with a certification of authenticity that is signed and sealed by a notary public. This certification ensures that the translation contained in your document is accurate and completed to the best of our abilities.

File Transmittal

How will I know when my transcription is finished?

When your transcription is completed, ANP’s Production Team will contact you via email, alerting your that your   document(s) are ready for download. Your files will be available on ANP’s secure server, which you will have already been supplied a username and password for by your ANP sales representative. Upon receiving the email, the transcript will be in your designated folder.


What are your rates for your services?

Our rates vary, based on the length of the audio, turnaround time, and content. We offer discounts for volume. Please contact us with information about your job for a quote.

How can I save money using ANP?

ANP also offers a special discount to all first-time customers. Try us once and we guarantee you will come back.