Fields We Work With

Hiring a transcription service company is a great decision, no matter your industry. Here at ANP Transcriptions, we offer our service to a number of fields, including the following:


Conferences between professors and interviews between professionals are right up our alley. In addition, we provide transcription services for consumer research and other education-related topics. Our level of precision is perfectly suited for every institution, from community colleges to universities, and for every level of academic, from students to tenured professors.


From important meetings to long conference calls, ANP Transcriptions covers everything essential your business does. We provide transcriptions for interviews, live conferences, brainstorming sessions and phone conversations regarding annual performance.

Entertainment and Media

We lend our transcription services to movie and television footage in addition to live webcasts and radio interviews.


When your insurance company needs transcriptions of investigation notes, summary reports and recorded statements, we can help. Our transcribers are knowledgeable about formats for property, casualty and asset reports.


ANP Legal Transcription understands the necessity of accurate records. We handle everything from depositions to trial tapes, ensuring precision the entire way. Our legal transcription service also includes transcriptions of witness interviews, court tapes and wire taps. In some cases, the entire outcome of a trial can depend on a single word or statement.


Whether you are looking for a clean read or verbatim transcription, you will be satisfied with our medical transcription services. We transcribe board meetings, mock FDA meeting, presentations and market research. Our transcriptionists are knowledgeable about pharmaceuticals and medical terminology. Accuracy is the key in medical transcription, and we take it seriously.

You can trust ANP Transcription because we take the time to review each file, ensuring quality. Our turnaround time is quick, but our quality does not suffer for it. Our talented transcriptionists stand by each piece of work. To find out how we can service your industry, please contact us today.