Transcription Service Process

ANP Transcription is a certified translation and transcription services company that delivers high quality services with cost effective results. When it comes to transcription and translation services, you need a service that can deliver, and that is ANP Transcriptions. Learn about how we work and what we can do for you.

Standard Turnaround

Our standard turnabout time is 6 to 10 business days from the date the audio/document arrives.

Rush Turnaround

At ANP we are absolutely capable of handling a rush turnaround time. Rush work time for many comes is one to two business days from the date the audio arrives. We offer a same day turnaround, awhile maintaining integrity and confidentiality.

Basic Transcription

This is our most cost efficient transcription service. The work is unchanged. Basic transcription service is delivered in 6-10 days.

Full Audio Editing

After the work has been typed or translated by the first team, a second team QAs the work to ensure that your audio is fully checked and edited.


All documents are uploaded to a secure FTP server as a Word document. We have the capability to use different formats e.g. PDF. Please specify your preferred document format once chatting with your ANP representative. We can provide you with a read-only memory and hardcopy of your document per your request.


Because we are flexible and prepared for any possible format, we can cater to your particular transcription requests. At the time of requesting a quote, simply let us know your requirements.

Not only are we flexible with the format, but flexible in the industries that we work with. We work with all industries. To learn more about some industries that we have serviced, read about the Fields We Work With.


Our customer’s privacy is respected and important to us. Customers have the option of signing a confidentiality agreement for each transcription and translation service.