Government Contracts

ANP Transcriptions is a full-service reporting company with a clientele portfolio spanning across many industries, including government and legal/law enforcement agencies. Our processes and infrastructure have proven to be successful to meet state and government agencies’ expectations. To date we have produced over tens of thousands of pages of transcripts for government agencies and have the capacity to transcribe in all media formats.

Rest assured your files are protected and kept safe in our highly secured and restricted servers in the United States. The military encrypted secured server is built with a RAID storage architecture, Mozy real-time off-site backups, CyberPower battery power backup and with a 99.9% up time during 24/7/365.

Our work environment abides by a strict protocol in handling your files. Only assigned team member(s) have access to your secured files. Each team member is given a unique password, which is renewed every 30-days. Our management team keeps detailed records of when files are accessed and who is accessing them. Records and files are safely stored for approximately 120 days, after which, no hard copies are kept in physical storage and no electronic copies are kept on our servers. A certificate of destruction and media/materials return are provided upon request.

Our project process overview

Order Set Up

We will work with your staff and provide you with the necessary materials and any related equipment, If necessary, to get us started. Once set up, you and your staff will furnish us with recorded media, either by secure file upload or via actual tapes or other hard media, so we can fulfill the contracted services. Your hardcopy media can be mailed to us or the media file can be uploaded via ANP’s highly secured and password-protected online portal. Prior to job creation, we will proof all materials.

Project Assignment

Your media file is transcribed and the file is formatted to your exact specifications. The team leader and legal editors then thoroughly review the produced file for quality, formatting and, if applicable, audibility, all the while ensuring that your special requests have been meet.


Your media file is transcribed and the file is formatted to your exact specifications. The team leader and legal editor thoroughly QAs the produced file for quality, formatting and to ensure audibility plus ensuring that your special requests have been meet.  Our accuracy rate is 98% or above.


The inspected and finished file is uploaded to ANP’s secured and password-protected MyFiles online portal. We return the original hard copy via mail or electronic copies via email, if requested.  All produced material comes with an error report attached and technical recommendations for quality recordings.

Government and Legal Agencies That We Work With

  • Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
  • County of Sacramento District Attorney’s Office
  • Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office
  • Rockland County District Attorney’s Office
  • New Hampshire State Department of Education
  • Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office
  • New York State Office of General Services
  • City of Peoria Police Department
  • Alaska Office of the Attorney General