More ANP Services

ANP provides numerous professional business services, including audio recording and restoration, audio and video editing, interactive transcriptions, secure conference call hosting, closed captioning, digital recording, media conversions, voiceovers, and medical summery writing. If you don’t see what you are looking for, listed, please reach out to us.

Our team is skilled at creating and transcribing video and audio recordings for many professionals, including physicians and lawyers. Over the years, we have found that many of our clients need recording services, along with transcription services, and by combining these services, our clients are able to bundle their needs.

  • * Closed Captioning: We transcribe your media files accurately, synchronizing them word-for-word in your target audience’s language.
  • * Audio Restoration Services: Our audio restoration services clarify voices and eliminate background noise during meetings and conferences, while our editing services remove dead air and enhance quality.
  • * Conference Call Services: For secure, noise-free telephone conferences, try our conference call hosting services. We make connecting to conference calls and hearing the participants easy. There’s just one number to call and one code to enter to ensure that your colleagues are all on the correct conference line.
  • * Digital Video Recording Services: If your company needs a digital video of a speaker, conference or presentation, we provide state-of-the-art digital video recording services for all types of business events.
  • * Medical Summary Services: Our medical industry specialists provide medical summary services for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.
  • * Interactive Transcriptions: As videos play online, the transcribed words appear next to the images on screen.
  • * Media Conversion Services: If your company needs a CD converted into an electronic format or formatted for a different type of media, we perform media conversion service tasks. We convert CDs into DVDs, and we create electronic media files that are easily transferable via your business’s network or email system.