Media Conversion

media-conversionTechnological advances have changed the way we consume and create media, displacing home movies, company training materials, and favorite songs on outdated videotapes and cassettes. Most consumers no longer use tape decks or VHS players, so retrieving data and information from analog media can be next to impossible. Media conversion services offer a necessary and invaluable solution to this predicament. These services convert analog media into digital media, drastically improving the retrieval, storage, and distribution capabilities of information from even the oldest videotapes and cassettes.

Digital media offers better audio and video quality, and degrades much slower than does analog media, thus ensuring a longer lasting and richer media experience. Conversion services can also optimize and encode media for online streaming if you are looking to publish old home movies on social media or important company footage online. As a part of the conversion process, ANP’s media conversion specialists can edit media, and even enhance it through the use of musical soundtracks, narrations, the addition of business logos, and special effects.