Legal Transcription Services

Legal TranscriptionsTranscriptions are an integral aspect of the legal field, and ANP Transcriptions offer a suite of services for those who need their legal transcriptions done in an accurate, timely manner.

When are Legal Transcriptions Needed?

In certain cases, the content of what is spoken in court may only be available in audio format. By having these recordings transcribed, legal teams can easily search for specific information that they later have to reference. Depositions often need to be transcribed, and in some cases, translated as well, and using a professional transcription service leads to better accuracy and proper formatting. This also applies to witness interviews, which are typically recorded, and later need to be reviewed in writing. Lastly, internal legal discussions are often most effective when they can be stored in text format, so legal teams often rely on transcripts for internal reference.


While court proceedings are conducted in English, not everyone who interacts with the court system has a firm grasp on the English language, and in these circumstances, translations are a necessary solution. ANP Transcription provides translation services from and to Spanish, and other languages as requested.