Legal Transcription Services

Legal TranscriptionsEveryone who works in the legal field knows how important transcriptions are. Accuracy matters and small mistakes can lead to major problems down the road. Unfortunately, the cost of transcriptions can be high, and some are forced to rely on substandard services that take too long and lack the necessary accuracy.

Fortunately, the Internet has led to better options for those seeking legal transcription services, and there is no longer a need to deal with the high costs and frustration of traditional services. ANP Transcriptions offer a suite of services for those who need their legal transcriptions done in an accurate, timely manner.

When are Legal Transcriptions Needed?

Court tapes in some areas may only be available in audio format. By having them translated, legal teams can heave a means to search for specific information. Depositions often need to be translated, and using a professional transcriber can lead to better accuracy and proper formatting. Witness interviews are typically recorded; ANP Transcriptions can provide timely transcriptions for audio involving more than one person.

Internal Use

In many ways, the legal field is based on communication. Internal discussions are often most effective when they can be stored in text format, so many legal teams rely on them for internal use. Communication with others can often be best served using transcribed material, which is easy to access and send to others. In many ways, the legal field still revolves around text, and being able to read information instead of type it can save a significant amount of time.


While court proceedings are conducted in English, not everyone who interacts with the court system has a firm grasp on the language, and translations are sometimes needed. Often, however, professional translations can be prohibitively expensive. ANP Transcription provides translation services from and to Spanish, which help you deal with clients who can best express themselves using Spanish.

When it comes to legal transcription services, time matters. Those who need transcription services as quickly as possible, however, often find themselves unable to find a transcriber with an open schedule. ANP Transcription lets you indicate if you need an order quickly and offers one- and two-day turnaround. When it comes to transcriptions, don’t settle for mediocrity or deal with exorbitant prices. Take advantage of the power of the Internet and contact ANP Transcription.