Entertainment and Publishing Transcription Services

Media TranscriptionsMany entertainment and publishing firms outsource transcription services for films, documentaries, television shows, news programs, live performance broadcasts, radio broadcasts, podcasts, webcasts, training workshops, lectures and commercials.  Transcriptions become incredibly helpful for all of these mediums as they can then be widely distributed to a large, or select, audience.

We have a tradition of providing accurate and confidential transcriptions to the titans of the entertainment industry, while at the same time, we are working more and more with emerging forms of news and entertainment.  Podcasters, for instance, will be pleased to hear that we offer bulk podcast transcriptions, allowing hosts to easily expand their audience and show up on search engine results.

Some professionals also do not have time to sit in front of a computer to type an initial draft of a movie script or book. Instead, they may verbalize their thoughts into a recording device while they are driving on the road or in an area without access to a computer. The professionals at ANP can then produce a written text document based on that recording. Transcription services help busy, creative professionals make the most of their valuable time.