Medical Transcription Services

Despite improved digitization of the medical field, some things haven’t changed. Doctors still need to take detailed notes, and they must generally rely on dictation devices. However, these days, instead of relying on a full-time transcriptionist, doctors can now use online transcription resources like ANP Transcriptions. By speaking into a digital recorder or digitizing their tapes, doctors can simply send their audio files electronically so that their notes can be transcribed. Those in a hurry can even send their files through mobile data networks.


As many doctors know, traditional transcriptions can take a considerable amount of time. By using online services, doctors can have their orders expedited if necessary. In addition, ANP Transcriptions can provide extra information such as timestamps or transcriptions of conversations involving patients or others.

Benefits of Using ANP Transcription

Medical Transcriptions

As a leading provider of online medical transcriptions, ANP lends comfort and expertise to doctors and medical professionals seeking the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. In addition, costs tend to be lower when outsourcing transcription services, as there is no need to have a full-time employee on staff. With ANP Transcriptions, doctors have the confidence of knowing that those who perform their transcriptions are certified, experienced professionals.


“ANP’s staff has saved me countless hours over the past seven years by providing prompt and accurate transcription of fairly technical material. I routinely submit recordings of detailed conversations with physicians and surgeons, discussing the clinical work they do in their own medical terminology. Within just a few days, I receive transcripts from ANP that I can place directly into my reports and forward to clients. For me, time is money, and transcriptions done with this level of quality make my work fast and economical, and make a great impression on my clients.

” -Steven J. Fuller ~ CEO, InforMedix Marketing Research, Inc.