Translation Services

ANP has a staff of specialized, highly qualified foreign language transcriptionists who perform certified work. Each foreign language transcriptionist focuses on his or her area of expertise in order to produce accurate transcriptions for a variety of fields. Our services include:

Text to Text Translation Services

Handwritten, faxed, book and/or PDF documents from text files can be transcribed and/or translated into Microsoft Word or Excel. Full books in foreign languages can also be translated into the language of the client’s choosing.

Audio and Video Translate Services

Clients have the option of choosing between verbatim or clean read foreign language transcriptions of audio and video files. ANP’s foreign language transcriptionists can transcribe your files using either the one-step process of transcribing files in their source language without translation, or the two-step process of transcribing the foreign language files in their source language and translating them into any other target language.

For easy navigation, transcriptions can be delivered with audio and video time codes. Please see below for examples of frequently requested documents for foreign language transcription:

  • * Corporate: Boardroom minutes, product launches, focus groups
  • * Education/Nonprofit: Doctoral research studies, grant projects, interviews, focus groups
  • * Entertainment: Webcasts, movie footage
  • * Financial: Quarterly conferences, earnings report calls, financial roundtables, road shows, analyst calls
  • * Government: Congressional hearings, Congressional budget discussions, Senate finance meetings
  • * Insurance: Investigations and probes, summary reports, theft/property damage report
  • * Medical: Advisory boards, symposiums, FDA approval hearings, conferences, breakout sessions, annual meetings and/or events, roundtables, reports, summaries
  • * Legal: Depositions, recorded phone calls, legal proceedings, motions, letter dictation
  • * Market Research: In-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups