Document Translation Services

InterpretationWhy use a translation service?

In today’s global marketplace, it is more and more common for companies to work with multiple languages. With these logistical considerations, large and small companies alike often find that they need a professional and dependable document translation service on a regular basis. If your company is looking for translations in a variety of languages across a number of fields, ANP Transcriptions provides fast, reliable, and affordable service.

Who benefits?

ANP provides foreign language transcription services to academics who are looking to translate or transcribe one-on-one interviews; employees of a business working on an international conference call; doctor’s notes for a medical professional; and much much more. Any organization working with speakers of another language can benefit from translation services. For instance, those working in legal fields must be able to trust that the content from a deposition is transcribed with the utmost care, and legal documents must be translated with careful attention to nuance and subtleties in both the source language and the target language.

What is involved in the process?

ANP Transcriptions provides a two part translation process, immediately converting the source language into the target language. Trained foreign language transcriptionists and editors will carefully listen to source material three times before moving forward, ensuring that every necessary word is transcribed. Once transcribed, the files move on to the editing department, where the audio and written text is gone through together. ANP is able to translate any language – whether in audio or text format – into English or any other language, as well as from English or any other language into any foreign language. ANP even offers real-time translation, as clients sometimes need an interpreter in the room at a meeting or during a call. All translation services at ANP are certified.