Text to Text Translation Services

As the world becomes more globally focused, translation services continue to grow into a valuable commodity in the online world. Text to text translation services are essential for businesses in all fields, but it’s imperative to know you have the right one for your needs. ANP Text to Text Translation Service strives to be that right one for you.

Text-to-Text TranslationsHow Can ANP Promote My Services?

If your organization does a great deal of work with non-native English-speakers, ANP can significantly reduce language barriers by streamlining your communication processes. ANP is not limited to the types of texts it can translate. Whether you are a doctor, an attorney, a corporate worker, or in education, ANP can help all your patients, clients, customers, or students easily understand your material. It might be time to consider printing that next advertisement or pamphlet in Spanish or Mandarin. We can help.

Why Do I Need This Service?

Particularly in the corporate and medical worlds, similar studies are being conducted across the globe. Not everyone speaks the same language. Utilizing translation services helps organizations to successfully collaborate; speeding up the time it takes to communicate, complete studies, research findings, create new medications and find cures. In addition, many schools now serve many more students where English is their second language. Although many of these students speak excellent English, they often still feel most comfortable listening or reading in their native languages, making translation services critical to their learning process.

Why Work with ANP?

ANP is unique in its broad scope and quality of service. We also offer the best customer service in the industry. All audio files are uploaded to a secure server, and turnaround can be as fast as one business day. ANP uses only human ears and voices – not machines – to transcribe your content, and each foreign language transcriptionist at ANP listens to an audio file three times before beginning work. ANP can also work with foreign language podcasts and micro cassettes. ANP works with clients individually to suit their needs so that they can feel comfortable and confident with the accuracy of their translations.