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ANP provides numerous other types of professional business services, including audio recording and restoration, audio and video editing, interactive transcriptions, secure conference call hosting, closed captioning, digital recording, media conversions, voiceovers, and medical summery writing. If you don’t see what you are looking for, listed, please reach out to us.

Our team is skilled at creating and transcribing video and audio recordings for many professionals, including physicians and lawyers. Over the years, we have found that many of our clients need recording services, along with transcription services, and by combining these services, our clients are able to bundle their needs and save on costs.

Audio Recording

Audio Recording Services

ANP Transcriptions provides high-quality, precise audio recording services in a turnaround times that will surpass your organizations expectations.  Your audio will be handled by a specialist who has extensive experience in your industry.  If needed you can work with that specialist to choose select portions of an audio recording to be transcribed. Your audio recordings does not have to be transcribed in full. With ANP you can be sure your transcription project is in the very best hands.

Audio Restoration

Audio Restoration Services

If you have a recording with quality that isn’t quite as clear as you had hoped it would be, ANP Transcriptions can enhance your recording, restoring audio quality to the levels that you aspired to create the first time around.  ANP uses cutting edge technologies in digital audio editing and noise reduction to produce the highest quality recording possible.  Our experienced professionals can eliminate humming, background noise, audience chatter, air conditioning sounds and many other recording artifacts and noises.

Audio & Video Editing

Audio & Video Editing Services

ANP Transcription has been providing industry leading audio and video editing services for small and large-scale clients and projects for over 15 years now.  We have become known as the firm that clients can be sure that their media files are safe and will be processed to the highest quality possible.  When you have a video that needs to get out to publication or a podcast that needs cleaning up, our editors and processors can help to meet your timelines and goals.

Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning Services

ANP offers industry leading closed captioning services for a wide array of video media. If foreign language closed captioning is involved, our team of experienced translators will ensure that your caption script is written accurately in the target language(s) of your audience.  If you have your own editing staff, we can also provide you with SRT files.

Digital Videotaping

Digital Videotaping Services

At ANP, we have an highly experienced video and camera teams who will document your meetings, trainings, and events. We use state-of-the-art software equipment and software programs to edit video to your specifications and create a video project that accurately reflects your recorded event with your business style in mind.  You can trust your organization’s event to one of the most experienced teams the industry.


Government Services

ANP has a deep clientele portfolio spanning many industries and has produced hundreds of thousands of pages of transcripts for government agencies.  Our processes and infrastructure meets or exceeds most government requirements. Files are protected in a highly secured and restricted data center, always inside the USA. The encrypted secure servers are built with RAID storage architecture, Mozy real-time off-site backups, and have CyberPower battery power backup for 99.9% up time 24/7/365.

Interactive Transcription

Interactive Transcription Services

Interactive transcripts allow the viewer to watch images or videos on the screen and read the audio transcription at the same time.  This permits for improved comprehension of your media and reduced confusing or unclear audio sections.  ANP has been providing Interactive Transcription services for the television and web media since 2001, making us one of the most experienced teams in the industry.

Media Conversion

Media Conversion Services

ANP’s media conversion services offer a necessary and invaluable solution to the predicament of historical audio and video that resides on outdated video tapes and audio cassette tapes.  Our state-of-the-art services convert analog media into digital media, drastically improving the retrieval, storage, and distribution capabilities of information from even the formats.  As a part of the conversion process, ANP’s specialists can also edit and enhance it through the use of audio soundtracks, narrations, graphics, and other special effects.

Medical Summary Writing

Medical Summary Writing Services

At ANP Transcriptions, our medical transcription specialists have a deep experience in medical terminology and structure, studious research, statistical analysis, and fact checking. We know how to appropriately present medical data and literature, and are well-versed in the publishing requirements and ethical considerations specific to the medical field.  ANP has been providing trusted medical writing services to hospitals, clinics, universities, clinicians, and various other medical professionals for nearly 20 years now.

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