Transcription Services

At ANP Transcriptions, we offer a variety of transcription services ranging from basic dialogue transcriptions to fully edited, time-coded, multi-speaker transcriptions suitable for board and advisory meetings. We also provide transcriptions for conference calls, interviews, and speech recordings from a wide array of fields. Our team of certified experts will ensure that your content is accurately documented and properly worded for your specific audience(s). We provide our clients with either a clean-read or verbatim transcription, available in 24 hours if necessary.We take pride in the accuracy, affordability and security of our transcriptions. With our adherence to precision and professionalism, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, understanding and mutual respect.


Academic Transcription Services

ANP Transcriptions has been offering top-tiered high quality, affordable academic transcription services for nearly two decades. Both professors and students can benefit from having their lectures, meetings, notes and research projects quickly and accurately transcribed.  ANP offers bulk rates for high volume clients with a recurring need for academic transcription services. Translations from foreign languages are also available, with transcripts in both the source and target language delivered upon completion.

Conference Call

Conference Call Transcription Services

Quality conference call transcription services require attention to detail, rapid turnaround and the utmost confidentiality. Our transcriptions eliminate the need for meeting minutes so you’ll never have to worry about keeping track of spoken meeting details.  Your recording and our transcription ensure the validity of your meeting or  call.  All conference call transcription services performed by ANP are reviewed by our quality control center before we deliver finished documents.


Dictation Transcription Services

ANP’s highly qualified and specialized dictation transcription professionals have a superb record and diverse skill set that enable us to provide industry-leading service levels.  We provide fully edited and time-coded dictation transcription and translation services and can return your project the same day. ANP Transcriptions takes the utmost precaution with the sensitivity of your materials.  Your transcripts will be delivered via a secure FTP server in the specific file format that you need.


Entertainment Transcription Services

Hundreds of entertainment and publishing firms have outsourced transcription services to ANP for films, documentaries, television shows, news programs, live performance broadcasts, radio broadcasts, podcasts, webcasts, training workshops, lectures and commercials.  We have track record of providing accurate and confidential transcriptions to the titans of the entertainment industry, while at the same time, we are working more and more with emerging forms of news and entertainment.


Interview Transcription Services

ANP can help document interviews of potential candidates, enabling your team to carefully review the candidate’s responses.  Or perhaps you are a professor who has gathered data from hundreds of interviewees for a research project.  By hiring ANP, you can save hours of time otherwise spent listening to interview recordings, so that you can focus on the big picture.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Transcription Services

Many professionals in the law enforcement field are experiencing the benefits of using law enforcement transcription services. Instead of writing or typing notes, law enforcement agents around the country rely on ANP transcriptions to simply dictate their verbal notes to an analog or digital recorder and then send the recording to us.  They then receive a formatted document of exactly what was dictated.


Legal Transcription Services

Transcriptions are an integral aspect of the legal field, and ANP Transcriptions offer a suite of services for those who need their legal transcriptions done in an accurate, timely manner.

Market Research

Market Research Transcription Services

ANP Transcriptions offers industry leading, precise, time-saving transcription services for market research and and focus firms. Verbatim transcripts are important when the feelings and thoughts expressed by respondents must be recorded for research purposes. Word-for-word transcription services become even more important when the findings of a focus group are presented to a company’s executive group or board or directors.


Medical Transcription Services

As a leading provider of online medical transcriptions, ANP lends comfort and expertise to doctors and medical professionals seeking the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. In addition, costs tend to be lower when outsourcing transcription services, as there is no need to have a full-time employee on staff. With ANP Transcriptions, doctors have the confidence of knowing that those who perform their transcriptions are certified, experienced professionals.


Meeting Transcription Services

ANP’s industry leading meeting transcription services ensures that your colleagues are well-informed about the content shared, ideas generated, and decisions made at each meeting. If a colleague misses a meeting, he or she can have access to a document that reflects each discussion that took place. Using our transcription service ensures the accuracy of your meeting records, helps your business maintain its file system, and supports compliance efforts with any applicable regulations.


Pharmaceutical Transcription Services

Medical presentations, doctor’s notes, market research, and webcasts are transcribed daily by the transcriptionists at ANP who specialize in the pharmaceutical industry.  ANP has doctors and pharmaceutical representatives using our services from all parts of the nation.  Our track record has proven us to be highly reliable and accurate in serving the pharmaceutical industry for the past 14 years.

Video & Film

Video & Film Transcription Services

ANP Transcriptions offers the highest quality 2-step transcription process for video and film. The professionals at ANP have an immense amount of experience in transcribing video, film and other forms of media. You can feel secure knowing that your transcription will be well written and professionally formatted when you work with ANP.

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