With the overwhelming number of translation-based apps and related technological tools intended to help professionals and everyday consumers translate content from one language to one or more other languages, when it comes to precision and nuance, there is simply no replacement for an expert human translator.

All too often, clients come to ANP after technology-based translation tools and apps have yielded inaccurate, and often times costly and unusable, translations.  Additionally, many of these apps are replete with bells and whistles that seem to make the translation process easier, when in effect, they create extra noise and set the stage for increased inaccuracy and distraction.

Our team of translators at ANP is dedicated to getting our clients’ translations done correctly and efficiently the first time.  We are committed to precision, while at the same time sensitive to the costs involved in producing best-in-class translations.   From legal depositions to medical advisory board conferences to insurance investigations, there should simply be no margin for error.  ANP has built a history of tried and true translation documents – produced by humans – and we remain unyieldingly devoted to delivering the professional and accurate results that our clients expect of us.