So you want to have something transcribed, and never have before, you naturally have lots of questions. First piece of advice is to as yourself a few simple questions before asking companies. Is accuracy more important than turn-around time? How much are you willing to spend? What is it you need the transcription to accomplish? Once you have established your needs and wants, begin your research. Many overseas companies offer fast turn-around on documents but often are filled with errors due to language barriers. Using a domestic service may take a little longer but will almost guarantee you a quality transcript. When dealing in written word, the context and lay out of what is being read must be inline with what the consumer is expecting, or time and assets were just wasted on something that will bring down business as opposed to generating more. Often things can get lost in between and not conveyed the way they were intended and can be rendered mute or ignorant. When you believe you have found a company you want to use via your research it is best to contact them. If they are worth their weight then engaging you in a dialogue about their service should be something they welcome. Upon receiving a transcript you’ve ordered, review it, if it is not up to what you are looking for contact the company you used and research additional options. There are many people looking to take your business, make sure you find one committed to bettering it with their service.