Why should you transcribe your online audio and video content?

In today’s fast paced, information-now marketplace, the value of transcriptions is often over looked. Many audio and video mediums such as blogs and podcasts go underutilized because their content cannot be absorbed quickly. Although having your target audience seeing your face and hearing your voice allows personal connections over distance and time, these mediums have to be viewed fully. And to think everyone has time for that is probably farfetched. What if, along with the audio and video you have currently, there was a way to have the content readable and also searchable? Transcriptions are that way. They essential make your voice searchable via search engines and also more easily consumed. The 30 minute video you don’t want to sit through just to get 45 seconds of info now becomes a time coded, topic divided document that allows the consumer to pick and choose the information they want or need to get from you.

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